I've been doing a bit of sewing lately again...something about cooler weather finds me seated in front of my machine more and more often!  I am almost finished with a quilt that I'll share photos of soon.  I made some Oliver+S Badminton skirts for the girls and some super-simple infinity scarves for the kids and I last week and then my friend Debra and I spent an evening sewing skirts.  It actually didn't take the whole evening, the skirts were super fast!  I spent longer making the pattern (tracing a RTW skirt from Old Navy) than I did sewing it, I think!

Not the best photo, but trying to take pictures of myself is always much harder than I think it should be!  Debra and I conned someone into taking this snap of us both wearing them the next day.  The other similarities in our outfits were not planned! 

In case you're wondering that's my wonky 'need to wash my hair do' there.  Special, huh?  Back to the skirts...quick, easy, and cute!!

So... stay tuned for my finished quilt pics and my next quilting project.  I have some lovely brights I've been to choose a pattern!!