::right now::

I am thinking...that I am glad to be home but feeling a bit restless, too...

In the kitchen...I just made this soup.  It is fantastic, amazing, delicious.  Make some and be a rebel like me and double the squash if you like thicker soups.  Yum!

I am creating...a list of things I am going to be creating this holiday season

I am going...to our friends' cabin this weekend!

I am wondering...where on earth the time has gone!  Bought these for a baby shower for a friend...amazed by how tiny these girls used to be!

I am reading...Wild by Cheryl Strayed for book club this month

I am hoping...for a beautiful weekend while my brother is here visiting

I am loving...these earrings I bought from a local today, made by her daughter

I am learning...that writing helps me process my thoughts and ideas...

A favorite quote for today..

via Pinterest
One of my favorite things...the feeling I get when I am inspired or when I learn something new or when I hear/read/see something that resonates with my soul

 A peek into my day...running, laundry, cleaning, coffee