What Kids Know That We Don't

Look at this picture...it's snowing today!  Pretty little white flakes.  Those girls were so excited!  Truth be told, I am too.  Heading into Alaskan winter number six and I am still smiling!

Here's the think that struck me this morning as we looked out the window and discovered this blanketing of white.  The kids have been excited for a couple of weeks as reports of snow hit the news and forecasters started talking about it.  They've been anxiously awaiting the first flakes and feeling so robbed when it snowed last week out at the tunnel but not here in town.  "Why?" we kept asking.  "There's plenty of time for snow!"  we kept saying.  "You'll be so tired of it by spring..." we reminded them.  They didn't care.  Excitement still reigned queen of their thoughts.  This morning Scott was less than thrilled to see that we had turned the corner into real winter.  He was even less delighted when I reminded him that the last time we got our first snow on Halloween Day was the year we broke demolished the snowfall record . 

As we walked across the street to school in the flakes this morning I realized there's a lesson for me here.  As adults we sometimes dread these sorts of things because we think we already know how the story ends.  We fast forward right to the crummy parts and hang out there.  We set up camp in our worries and past experiences.  You know what kids do?  They get excited about the now.  They are not worried that in three months they'll be tired of the snow.  They are happy it is snowing now because it will be fun now.  Three months from now is just that...three months away.  Why would we give up the gifts of today to worry about three months from today. Or even tomorrow.  Even if tomorrow is terrible, let's fully enjoy today! 

So that's my challenge to myself today...a particularly tricky challenge given my total lack of excitement for all things Halloween.  But you know what...I have to admit that I love the costume idea Stacy dreamed up for me and the one she has come up with for herself, so I will start by enjoying that.  Every little step counts.  Get out there friend...enjoy today!!


  1. Let it snow let it snow let it snow. Pretty time of the year--enjoy Korbe's :-)


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