Weekend Moments

Parenting elementary age kids is so fun!  Every age has its perks and its challenges that's for sure.  What I am loving right now about my kids is continuing to watch them figure out who they are.  My heart swells with some of the things they say and it breaks other days when they learn life lessons about people, friendship, group dynamics, and other tough life skills.  It really is fun to watch them learn how to handle the day to day, to see them realize when they need a break from life outside 804, to watch them discover their own little escapes and things that make them happy.

Last weekend Kelsey was quite vocal about her hopes for the weekend.  She wanted to get away and have some family time.  "I like how we're all close and we spend a lot of time together when we go..." she said.  Yeah...those are the moments this mama lives for!  Unfortunately our plans didn't quite come together to make her wishes reality, so as we ate dinner on Friday night we brainstormed what experiences about get away weekends we wanted to recreate.  Saturday we did our best to have a mini stay-cation.

I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and we played games and baked cupcakes for a community pig roast that was planned for the afternoon.

We cuddled on the couch and watched a movie and we basically all just were together in one spot.  I turned off the computer and Scott turned off the TV.  We read books and played games.  Nothing fancy!  The afternoon pig roast was lots of fun...kids playing, delicious food, hanging out with people outside before the snow drives everyone inside.

Sunday we tried to hit things from the list we had missed on Saturday.  Stacy and I made cookies while Scott & Kelsey spent some time together...

After church and lunch we headed down to Scott's shop to work on a project they had planned with him.  They worked, I played with taking pictures in the beautiful light!  Unlike our apartment, he gets light from the south!!

It was a nice, slow weekend.  Not quite as good as getting away, but better than those weekends when we are pulled in 19 different directions!


  1. It is very special to see the girls making something with dad. Memory maker--Also memory maker doing something mom likes as well. Cooking :-)


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