Stuff I have read lately...

Sometimes it seems like I read a whole bunch of good stuff on the internet all at once and my brain jut can't handle it all.  I usually avoid these sorts of "link share" posts, but today I felt like I should share some of this stuff that I have found thought-provoking lately so here it goes...

There is no better into for this piece than the title she gave it...Being a Stay-at-Home Parent Is a Luxury...for Your Spouse.

This article made me cry, thinking about my girls' future spouses (should they choose to marry)...If My Child Marries Yours

When I read this I wanted to sponsor more kids, visit Africa and hug them all, and swing by Haiti on my way home...10 Real Ways You Could Really Be the Change in the World  We sponsor a child through a preschool program that my cousin's daughter has just started in Burundi.  There are still kids looking for a sponsor.

our preschooler, Mervielle--that smile!!!
My girls have already learned so much in the month or so that we've been sending our hearts to Burundi.  Our sweet girl has been the impetus for many deep conversations around our house.  Such a powerful experience for kids on both sides of the globe!

My dear friend Shannon bared her heart and wrote a bit about her sweet son here.  She is such an amazing mama.  Her story of going to Kazakhstan and meeting him at the orphanage is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye!

This is an older blog post that I found via Pinterest the other day.  She talks about how she tweaked the way she prays and how that can change the way we think about things in our daily lives.  Her words resonated with me.

If you're looking for more good reads, check out the links over there on the left, "Stuff That Makes Me Think".