More Learning

Well...I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new {to me} lens!  Maybe by Friday?  Hopefully!  We got lucky yesterday with an absolutely beautiful afternoon so I grabbed my camera and went outside to practice.  I like this batch of pictures so much better than the ones I shared last week!  I also took some pictures I was pleased with at the wedding over the weekend, but most of them include faces and are not really mine to share. I did include one of my favorites in Monday's post.

Anyway...I like these both, for different reasons...

without lens hood
with lens hood

This poor abandoned guy in the bushes...I purposely composed this shot this way so that he is looking out of the frame.  I think he looks wary of what is coming his way!

This is actually the back of Scott's shop.  One of the elements of composition I was trying to practice was lines.  I felt like this fit the bill pretty nicely!  Framing is also an element I was playing with here.  I like the way the two vertical columns frame the lines of the windows.  I don't love the color/exposure of this photo though.

I spotted this on the back of the picnic shelter in the campground.  The faded, happy graffiti made me smile and more lines...

Finally I have these two which, although they are not technically great pictures, tell a story.  First up is this one.  I like the juxtaposition of the sunshine behind the Whittier street sign.  People don't often think of sunshine when they think of us...we have a reputation for bad weather!

This one is also not a technically wonderful shot, but I liked the bright sunshine versus the snow removal signs.  Made me smile!

The trick is that the light is good until about 3pm and the kids aren't out of school until 3:30.  They make much more interesting subjects!  Oh well...I am having fun playing!  And every one of the photos above I shot in manual mode so I am really patting myself on the back over here!