It's Wednesday!  It's been a crazy couple of weeks here.  I have been teaching preschool in the mornings while the teacher is out of town for a bit.  I also started a regular schedule of volunteering in the girls' classrooms so I have been at school *a lot*.  It has been very fun, but I have had to make some adjustments to daily life around here.  Mornings are usually my most productive times here at home.  I have gotten zero sewing done and a number of other tasks have been neglected.  Balance, right?  No one can do everything! 

Of course in the middle of it all I start taking a photography course, too!  I am beyond excited for this, though. I feel so blessed to have a husband who supports my love of learning and need to be busy.  I approached him about this and his reply was, "Of course!" so here I am.  Nervous and feeling a bit out of my depth.  Stretching that comfort zone again!  I am enrolled in a Snap Shop which is an online class with the amazing Ashley Ann.  I love her style!  I have read through the first bit of the class and have decided that I am going to look at my location as a challenge, not an excuse!  The lighting in my apartment is so-so at best.  We're north facing and only have north and east facing windows.  Our geogrphic location is challenging as well...we are surrounded by mountains, so there is no "golden hour" here.  The sun rises and sets behind the mountains and we miss that wonderful light.  Guess that means I need to be creative and get out of Whittier a bit!  I played around a bit yesterday, late in the afternoon, after the best light had passed.  I wanted to edit these photos a bit, but I am going to follow directions and leave them as they were straight out of camera.  I don't love them, but looking at them through the lens of composition there are things I like about them..

I want to crop this one just a bit...
and lighten this one a bit
A big piece of this class is storytelling through your photos.  This one would have been better DURING dinner (maybe I'll try again?) but the girls have recently begun to prefer drinking from these jelly jars at dinner rather than their usual plastic kiddo cups.  I want to remember that bit of them growing up...

So...that's what I am up to lately.  Trying to learn something new and keep up with all the other things.  Continuing to evolve and learn about myself.

In other news...our first snowflakes fell today!  It didn't stick, but here are my sillies trying to catch snow flakes on their way home from school at lunch time...


  1. So happy for you girls that the snow is starting to fall. Catch all the snow.:-)


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