Date Day!

Outside my window right now it is raining and cold.  Just a few miles from me it is snowing.  Brrrr!  Hard to believe that on Friday it looked like this!  Friday was Alaska Day here in our great state and as a government employee, Scott had the day off.  The girls did not have the day off from school though, so we found a friend for them to eat lunch with and had a date day!  We are parents, so our date day started off by eating breakfast with the kids at school.  Our breakfast it open to the community and the girls always look forward to dad's days off on school days so he can join us. 

After breakfast we headed to Girdwood.  We took our time getting there...Scott stopped several times to let me take pictures.  I wish I had something beautiful to show you, but I don't.  Lots that were not quite what I was hoping for. 

There was this giant piece of ice in Portage Lake though.  There's nothing here to really give you a sense of size, but it is one of the biggest chunks I have seen this year.  It was easily three car lengths long and probably at least 15 feet of ice sticking out of the water.  I would not have wanted to be in a kayak when it calved off, lets just say that!

In Girdwood we drove around.  And around.  And around.  Girdwood is a lot of things, most of which I won't go into here.  One thing it is not though is jammed with subdivisions of cookie-cutter homes.  All (or at least almost all) of the houses are custom houses.  Lots of them are close together, so there is lots of really neat architecture and design.  We had fun looking.  That was the whole point of the just look.  We listened to good music and had a yummy lunch at the Silvertip Grill where they serve breakfast all day!  Yup...I had an omlet for lunch!  It was delicious!  Lots of good eats in Girdwood, that's for sure!

After lunch we drove out Crow Creek Road.  I had only ever been as far as the Crow Creek Mine (pics of another visit here) and Scott had only been as far as the Double Musky (great food, fun atmostphere!  I am starting to feel like a walking version of Urban Spoon: Girdwood!) so it was fun to see what is at the end of the road.  Turns out there is a whole little community out there, living totally off the grid.  It was fun to see the various styles and sizes of homes out there and their solar panels, wind turbines, and hydro power setups.  At the very end of the road is the Crow Pass trail head.  There is a beautiful little cabin up there that you can reserve and hike to.  Someday maybe??  Probably more than I am up for! was beautiful out there.  Maybe next time I will get some photos that are worth sharing!

We headed back to Whittier to be home when the kids got home from school.  It was a great way to spend a date day...just hanging out, doing something we both enjoy!