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There's something new in Whittier!  Surprisingly, there's actually lots of new things in Whittier all the time, but this one is pretty cool.  It's our own walking tour!  It's incomplete because the road past the Buckner Building is closed due to road construction, but here's the rest of it.  Some day I will go take better pictures with my camera, but you'll get the idea with these from my phone.  Our weather here has been a bit wet lately, so I took these during a break in the showers last week when I talked the kids into a bike ride. 

It starts when you exit the pedestrian tunnel here on the south side of the railroad tracks.  The first sign is at the corner of Whittier Street and Glacier Avenue, right by Scott's office.  These two signs give a brief history of Whittier and a map of the walking tour. 

From here if you head east on Whittier Street you'll see this sign on what we now call the P-12 building which houses the City of Whittier Public Works Department as well as Whittier's Fire and EMS.  A portion of the building is also leased to the Great Pacific Seafood company for their salmon roe operation. 

Across the street is the building that Great Pacific uses for most of their operations.  I forgot to take a picture of what the building looks like, but here's the sign.

Right next door to GP is the Anchor Inn Store.  This building houses a store and The Prince William Sound Museum on the first floor with hotel rooms on the second floor. 

Now just keep on heading east down Whittier street and you'll see another Anchor Inn building on the corner.  This building houses our only year round restaurant on the second floor, some hotel rooms/apartments on the third floor, and a lounge on the top floor.  There's a public laundromat on the first floor.  Strangely however, we all call the lounge the third floor.  Who knows?!?

Now you can head up Blackstone Road when it reopens but since it is closed we will head up Eastern Avenue to Billings Street.  This is known as "the boathouse" around town.  It's owned by the same family that owns the Anchor Inn.  You can pay to store your boat or vehicle here during the winter.  We stored Scott's truck here one winter before we shipped it south.  In the summer the Prince William Sound Kayak Center operates out of this building.

Now, keep on walking up the hill on Eastern Avenue and turn right on Kenai Street.  There are two entrances to the Begich Towers (affectionately referred to as the BTI or Beady Eye).  If you head in the east entrance you'll want to head to the west end where there's a small lobby area next to the main doors.  Alternatively, you can walk down the sidewalk in front of the building and enter the building via the west entrance.  In the lobby you'll see this sign...(sorry for the reflection of the lights)

Now, hop into the elevator and head up to the 8th floor!  I just pulled some bread out of the oven, so we can have a slice of fresh bread and a cup of tea or coffee and chat!  Hope you enjoyed the tour of our little town's historic district!  I think it's pretty fascinating, but I might be biased...


  1. Sounds like we're going to have to come to Whittier for a visit soon! The drive down from the Valley and through the tunnel is always fun! :)

    1. Drop me an email when you come, Amanda! I'd love to meet up in person. Your hunting pictures are beautiful...I love the fall foliage up the Parks highway!


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