The Summer List

In past years our summer list has been a colorful thing, hung on our door and much-consulted.  We made a summer list this year...on a random scrap of paper.  We did manage to hang onto it all summer and occasionally cross things off, but our summer was a bit faster-paced and a bit fuller.  Bigger kids want to do more stuff during the summer, I guess.'s our list!

  1. go to the Lazy Otter
  2. go swimming
  3. a bike ride outside of Whittier
  4. hike Horsetail
  5. hike Portage Pass
  6. try 3 new hikes
  7. camping
  8. take a trip with friends
  9. go dip netting
  10. go fishing
  11. go kayaking
  12. go canoeing
  13. go water skiing
  14. meet new people
  15. soccer
  16. sports camp
  17. family game night
  18. visit the library
  19. visit the doves
  20. visit the quail
  21. a picnic at Salmon Run
  22. bonfire
  23. have a back to school BBQ
  24. celebrate the solstice
  25. go tide pooling
  26. visit the conservation center
Not too bad, if I do say so myself!  As much as I don't want to admit that summer is over I think I have to.  It has rained here for umpteen days straight and I have already baked two pumpkin coffeecakes.  It's fall, y'all!