The State Fair

The fair has become a bit of a tradition for us!  We have gone every year since 2011 (read more here, here, and here) and have developed some rituals along the way.  My dear friend I go with and I make sure the first thing we eat every year is a Denali Cream Puff.  They are huge, sweet, and amazingly scrumptious!  They are only available at the fair, so we don't want to miss our annual cream puff! On our way to the cream puff and after the cream puff we usually herd the kids along slowly, stopping lots along the way.  The petting zoo is always a favorite.  This year there were geese that you could feed and the girls really enjoyed that!

We also always make sure to take a picture in front of the huge veggies.  These three are ready to go pro in the area of silly pictures! 

This picture has become a bit of a tradition as well!  The first year we all went together, Austin was in a stroller and not into posing, but since then we always seek out the plane...

We continue to be in the in-between land for rides.  Too big for most of the little ones, too little for most of the big ones.  The swings were super-fun this year, though!

Roller coasters are always fun, too!

Don't you just love that boy's smile in the middle car?  He enjoyed the ride so very much.  It was so sad to see him when it ended...he would have ridden it all day long if he could have!  Our kids had fun, too.

Our final ride was a version of the ferris's the view from the top.

Seems like pretty good attendance for the last day of the fair, huh?  It was so much fun, but we were all tired by the end of it.  Somehow the kids all managed to stay awake the whole drive home (about 2 hours)...crazy!  We're already looking forward to next year's fair!