Homer in the Fall

I had some meetings to attend in Homer last week, so I left on Wednesday afternoon and drove down.  I had plenty of time, so I stopped plenty of times to take in the amazing fall colors in the sunshine on the way down.  I took almost 300 photos and whittled those down when I posted on Fotki and I am whittling down more here, but still...fair warning: there are a zillion photos in this post.

I finally arrived in Homer a little after 6pm. Of course, I stopped at the Homer overlook.

From there I went to my hotel.  The group I was with booked us at the Land's End Resort.  I was in one of their Midship Bay rooms as they have them named.  It was a beautiful room with a beautiful view.  One thing that makes me laugh about Land's End though, is their funny little murphy beds. If you look at the virtual tour you can see it. It would fold out over the top of the counter/dresser area at the end of the bed.  The trouble is that it is too small for an adult, but too high off the floor for a kid.  I have used it before for my kids by taking the mattress off and putting it on the floor.  Just quirky!  This was the view from my little deck.

Not too shabby!  Later there was a sailboat sailing by as the sun set.  Seriously.  Does it get more picturesque than that?

I was in meetings all day so pretty much the only pictures I got were of sunrise and sunset.  Beautiful though!  Here are a few of my favorites...

Photography is so much about the light and here in Whittier we just don't get that sweet soft light very often.  We're completely surrounded by mountains, so the sun rises here long after it rises in other places and sets here before it truly sets.  I am reminded of how amazing those golden hours can be when I get to experience them in other locations.

I took this picture my first night in my hotel and texted it to a friend laughing to myself.  If I didn't live here I would have been pretty alarmed and maybe not slept so well.  Who wants to see this right next to tehir bed?

The next day it didn't seem nearly so funny when we experienced a pretty good earthquake.  Small shakers are pretty common around here, but this one was a bit bigger than our usual fare. 

All in all it was a great trip.  It was fun to go and fun to come home!