Camping--A Day In Camp

After spending most of the day in the car on Monday we stayed in camp on Tuesday.  The weather was nicer and we were happy to only hop in the car to go get ice for the cooler!

We had breakfast and the girls washed the dishes.  They actually washed most of the dishes on this's always more fun to do those daily chores in a different setting!

After our chores were taken care of we went for a walk.  We checked out the lake...

The girls were ready to swim right then, but it wasn't quite that warm so we compromised on after lunch.  There is a great sand play area in the middle of the campground, so they spent the next couple of hours there...

We ate some lunch and then headed back to the dock area for some swimming.  The water was chilly so the girls were in and out a lot.  Then they discovered that jumping was the perfect activity...only in the water for a minute and fun!!

Back in camp we had some dinner and went for several bike rides around the campground.  It was so quiet and easy to fall asleep...mama might have fallen asleep before a certain 8 year old, even!

Since we were leaving the next morning we also packed up most of our stuff...then we climbed the hill behind our spot and took this picture...the girls insisted we should!


  1. This is a wonderful experience for the girls to go camping & have a good time :-)


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