48 Hours

Once upon a time there was a mama who ended up with a whole weekend to herself...sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?  That's what I would say, if it hadn't happened to me!  It was quite a chain of events...that all fell into place at the very last minute (5:30am on Saturday, to be exact!), when Scott and the girls had already left for the weekend and the weather turned bad and market in town was cancelled.  Last minute though it was, it was fun!  And interesting!

I learned a few things about myself in those 48 hours.  The first thing is that I have an almost obsessive need to keep busy.  When I picture myself alone for the day I often imagine myself sitting, drinking coffee and curled up with a book.  In reality this happened for about 1 of 48 hours.  Likewise, I imagine myself watching chick flicks late into the night.  I watched 2 hours of TV the whole weekend, 0 of which were chick flicks and I was in bed by 11 both nights.  A slight discrepancy, yes?  So, while I was able to make myself slow down and relax a bit at both the local coffee shop and ice cream shop, I also found myself checking things off my mental to-do list like crazy.

One thing I did do was take a walk with my new little friend.  Let me introduce you to Betsy!

She looks like this...

image source
And she is my new best friend!  I got her while we were visiting my parents (thanks Mom, for letting me use your Amazon Prime!).  I took advantage of some time alone to play a bit with my new friend...here are some of the results!

Betsy and I are getting along quite nicely!  All of the pictures you've seen here lately have been with my new camera...I'm very pleased with her! And pleased with having had 48 hours to myself as well!