More Adventures

I shared about soccer last week, but we squeezed in a few other adventures as well!  Wednesday we were back in Girdwood for our bible study group, so the girls and I went a bit early and hit up the library and the skate park.  Backing up a step, we gave Austin a skateboard for his birthday on Monday so on Tuesday the plan was to stop by the skate park and park after soccer.  We did, but we forgot our scooters so there were tears and disappointment.  I'll save the discussion of whose responsibility remembering scooters is for our living room, (but let's just say it was highly debated and my position was that I gathered all the soccer gear and packed all of the food for the day so scooters were their responsibility)!  Anyway, we packed up our scooters on Wednesday and we were off!

The girls had a lot of fun.  Skateparks carry a lot of stereotypes with them (at least I held a lot of stereotypes in my mind) and while some of them played out those two days, some did not.  There was a very kind boy who was probably about 10 or so who was so friendly!  He came over and gave the kids pointers and helped them get started on Austin's skateboard.  His mama can be proud of his kind and welcoming attitude.

On Thursday we had soccer again and then met up with a friend for a hike.  We hiked part of the Winner Creek Trail.  It was beautiful!

I have learned that I really like hikes through the trees.  Just my personal preference, but they make me smile!  The kids spotted the heart in the tree and were so excited.  I love those moments when we are all so carefree and happy outside!  That's the good stuff.

There were some very pretty flowers at the resort, too.  Spring is slower in Alaska, so here it is the second week of June and we're enjoying the tulips and daffodils!

After hiking we headed over to our friends house to visit their trampoline.  Fun!!

As you can well imagine, all this fun comes at a cost.  The first is food.  On warm days like this when we are active my kids can put down a serious pile of food.  It's seriously a non-stop eating fest punctuated by meals.  It's crazy how much food two active kids can consume.  The second is sleep.  They were so tired after a morning of soccer and an afternoon of hiking, jumping, and playing.  I swear, I never get tired of sleeping kiddo pictures!

After all that excitement, we stuck around home on Friday.  We all needed a slower day!  Happy Summer, everyone!




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