Looking Up

Yikes.  I am a bit behind in this space.  Last week was a doozy.  Scott made a trip to Kansas for his uncle's funeral and enjoyed catching up with family he hasn't seen in at least 20 years.  He sent us lots of cool pictures and brought us back some really neat Kansas treats.  Back here on the home front we struggled.  There wasn't anything major, any one thing you could put your finger on, but it was hard.  We fought, whined, moaned and complained.  Yes, I said we.  Me too.  Every day I would get up and vow that today would be the day that I got our attitudes back in alignment.  Every night I would be frustrated that it didn't happen.  I thought about writing about it here, thinking maybe it would be cathartic.  I was at a loss for words though.  It was just hard.  We were terribly out of sync and we were all frustrated/annoyed/disappointed by it.  Blame it on the moon, Friday the 14th, too much estrogen, who knows.  Scott arrived home on Monday morning and by Monday night things were already looking up.  I guess he balances us all out somehow!  Whatever it was, I am happy to report that the sun is back...both outside and inside!

Last Thursday we went into town after soccer and bought a bike rack (wahoo!!) so we can take our bikes to the other side of the tunnel and ride this summer and the girls bought these skateboards.  Friday it poured and Saturday we were in town again so Sunday they finally got to try them out.  They had fun!


  1. growing up way too fast. I can see many hours of skateboarding here. Congratulations on your new skateboards.


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