Horsetail Falls

We made our way up our favorite local trail on Tuesday.  We went with some friends of ours and their very energetic 10 month old dog.  He's adorable, sweet, and full of energy!  Using the Map My Run app I tracked our walk.  It is about 1.75 miles and we made it up and back in 55 minutes!  In the past the girls and I have taken an hour and  half or more to make the walk.  We've gone much slower and picked up various sticks, leaves, and rocks along the way.  Yesterday they were motivated by friends and the dog...and very tired at the bottom!  It was a bit showery and we all needed dry pants at home, but we still had fun!  A few pictures for you...

After showers to warm up, we watched Pippi Longstocking and had hot chocolate...a nice way to end the afternoon!