More California!

I was planning to share this yesterday, but in the morning I read this post where she talked about how good it feels to do the jobs we sometimes put off.  She's right and I know it, so I went for it and tackled a list that had been needing attention for awhile.  The thing that always strikes me is how big the job seems, but once I start in it is rarely the mountain of work I made it out to be in my mind!  I have some more things to cross off today, but I am taking a happy writing break to tell you about all of the non-Disney stuff we did in California last week!

Of course there was the pool...

We visited the pool all but one day...the girls often found other kiddos to play with and we all know how awesomely exhausting pool time can be for kids!

Wednesday we took the whole day off from theme parks.  We hopped on the bus and headed to the Discovery Science Center.  We happened to be there during their Bubblefest, which turned out to be the highlight of our visit that day.  Bubbles in the dark with a laser light show??  Yes, please!  It was so cool!

Seriously.  This guy is a 'bubble scientist' and his job is to travel the world doing these shows.  Sign me up!!

He did some pretty amazing stuff with soap and water...

That evening we went to Medieval Times for dinner.  What fun!  We had to wait a bit (while they try to sell you stuff from their gift shops) before the dinner show actually started, but one we were seated it was so much fun! 

The guy in the front of this picture probably has an official title, but I don't know what it was.  I'll call him the master of ceremonies.  He was sort of the narrator for the night.

You're randomly assigned a team color when you come through the gates and you have a knight that matches your color that you're cheering for.  Here's ours, the blue knight.

There's a number of competitions between the knights throughout the night...

Meanwhile, you're being served dinner medieval silverware!  Kelsey was excited by how much the performance reminded her of some activies she did at school in kindergarten.  Stacy was so taken by all of the showiness that I thought I would have a bruise on my arm where she kept nudging me while she pointed things out. 

The horses are very well trained and the whole show is very entertaining.  It was definitely worth staying up late for!

Tuessday we discovered the Lego store in Downtown Disney.  We are relative newbies in the world of Legos, but it was so cool to the huge statues made of tiny Legos!

I know there are Lego stores all over and Lego events where you can see this sort of stuff, but this was our first and I thought it was really cool!  The best part was that it inspired my ladies to build from their imaginations, not just the Lego kits/sets.  So cool!

I guess that just about wraps it up.  After we said a very teary good-bye to Grandma on Saturday we did some shopping and then hung out at the pool most of the afternoon.

Friday night my mom and I had figured out that we could see the Disney fireworks from the hall window near our room, so Saturday night I tried to wake up the girls to watch them.  It was hilarious...they were so sound asleep there was no waking them.  I actually picked Kelsey up and set her on the floor on her feet and she just climbed right back into bed!  I couldn't even get Stacy to do that much.  So I tucked them back in and watched by myself...

We flew out Sunday morning.  It was a long day of traveling, but one of the high points was this moment when they were both engrossed in new books from the airport book store...

It was such a great week filled with smiles and making memories!