Spring Break Part Two--Amber Lake

A bit later than promised, but here's my summary of the second half of our spring break adventures.  Time at our friends' cabin on Amber Lake near Trapper Creek.  On Wednesday morning we left Fairbanks and headed south.  There had been some snow on the pass, so the drive was a bit more stressful than it had been on the way up.  When we finally pulled into the Trapper Creek Tesoro the car was coated in ice from the trim line down.  I cleared the wheel wells, fueled up, and headed out to the cabin.  Scott and some other friends of our were a few hours behind us.

Over the next few days the kids played for hours and hours outside.  It was our girls and our friend and her two girls who are slightly older...their dad had to stay behind and work.  They were outside as early as 8:30am and we had to drag them inside at night.  Thursday and Friday were warm and beautiful.  Saturday was a bit chillier, but still not too bad.

We sledded, snow machined, skated, picnicked, pretended, and played some more.  Friday night the kids were so tired that we moms insisted on a movie night to wind down before bed.  While they had turned down a movie the night before in favor of shoveling the skating area, Friday night they were quite happy to park it on the couch for a bit!  We headed home on Saturday afternoon...most of the kids slept most of the way.  Kelsey was the only non-sleeper, the little stinker.  She did sleep in the next day...mama might have played a little trick with the clock to encourage that...;-)