I Caved

When Kelsey was 3 she started asking about getting her ears pierced.  I was so unprepared for the question that when she pressed for "When, Mommy?" I defaulted to the answer that my parents had given me when I was little..."When you're 8."  Well folks...8 happens next weekend.  Meanwhile, Stacy was just as (maybe even more) desperate to get hers done.  We go to a tiny school where every single other girl has hers pierced.  Even the preschoolers.  Even the 2 year old.  Which is an excuse, I know, but the end result is the same.  I let Stacy get hers done, too.  I justified it to myself this way, "There are other things that matter far more to me that I already have and am going to say 'no' to."  It wasn't a hill I needed to conquer that badly.  She would have been crushed and for what?  Kelsey really didn't care if it was her special moment at all.  So.  After a visit to the dentist yesterday, we went to Claire's and went for it.  Please pardon the less than wonderful phone pictures.

Kelsey went first...

Then Stacy hopped into the chair.  Stacy is usually a bit braver with things like this, but today she was the nervous one...

And now we're signed up for 6-8 weeks of cleaning and turning...which means by the time Stacy's birthday rolls around they can change their earrings!


  1. Congratulations to Kelsey and Stacy- looks like they both did great! Evie's post ear pain was cured by a magic watermelon lollipop and to this day Maggie gripes about how she didn't get a post piercing lollipop whenever E brings it up :)

  2. So grown up. :-) Congratulations on getting your ears pierced. Very PROUD of you :-)


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