8 Years Old

And now she is 8!!

Her birthday fell on a weekend this year, so we jammed all the birthday fun into one day!  Aside from the fact that Scott had a major work emergency and had to be gone all morning, it was a fabulous day!  He made it back just in time for the birthday party fun, though!

She (of course) opened her present from Stacy first...

Stacy made her a polar fleece blanket to snuggle under.  It's very warm!

The rest of the morning we spent opening a present here and there and playing with the presents.  Kelsey decided she'd like to invite some friends over for dinner, so she made some spaghetti sauce to put in the crock pot...

While Stacy and I made her birthday cake...

In the afternoon we had her birthday party.  We held it in the church room this year and had five stations that kids could rotate through. One station was canvas painting..

Another station was cupcake decorating...

The other three stations were games.  There was this 'thin ice' game...

we also played this game with straw javelins and a cup blowing game where 2 kids stand on opposite sides of the table and each using a straw they try to blow a paper cup past their opponent.  The games were a hit...the straw javelins were the most popular game.

After the party we had the spaghetti dinner with friends, cake and ice cream, lots of playing and then it was time to tuck a very happy and very tired 8 year old into bed.  It was a great day!!

Read about Kelsey's 4th birthday, 5th birthday, 6th birthday, and 7th birthday if you feel like a little walk down memory lane!  Also there are pictures of her 1st birthday, 2nd birthday, and 3rd birthday as well.


  1. .You looked so beautiful in your new dress--glasses--and most of all your special smile. HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY :-)


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