S'Mores Pie

Stacy: Mom!  Let's make those s'mores ice cream cones again!
Me:  Yum!  But we don't have any cones
Stacy: Let's make s'mores then
Me: OK...what about this?  {shows Stacy this post, via Pinterest}
Stacy: Nope.  Let's make a pie.
Me: OK

Pulse one package of graham crackers in the food processor.  Add 4T melted butter.  Press into pan.

Dump in some chocolate chips...

Break up a Hershey bar, too.  Sprinkle with mini-marshmallows.

Bake at 425 for 4-8 minutes...


Your sister will like it, too!

Speaking of sister...here's what she and Dad were up to while we were slaving away in the hot kitchen...

It was tasty folks!  Try some!