She Who Forgets the Camera

Wow.  So nice to be home!  As always, getting away is great, but home is wonderful!!  I left Whittier on a very wet Wednesday morning to head to town for several days of meetings.  When they all wrapped up on Friday afternoon I met up with Scott and the girls and headed up to Trapper Creek to our friends' cabin.  While Scott and I were sliding back and forth between two cars in an icy parking lot I left my dear, sweet 3rd child camera.  I realized it on the way up...Oh no!  I didn't grab it!  I knew it was safe in the car, but I knew I'd miss it too.

As always, the weekend at the cabin was wonderful!  So relaxing!  Some visiting, some eating, some excellent coffee, some laughing, some crocheting, some reading, some fun.  Here are a few pictures...

Hope you had a lovely weekend, too!