::right now::

:: Outside my window it is gray...not raining at the moment, though!

:: thinking about the fire/EMS vs. police kickball game at the girls' school tonight and our bible study gang meeting at our house tonight

:: thankful for friends who truly listen...even when you can't chat in person

:: creating a quilt for someone special

:: reading Proof of Heaven...I don't usually (ever) read these near death experience books, but it was reccomended to me by a friend and I am really enjoying it.  Recently I finished A Year of Biblical Womanhood which I enjoyed tremendously.  The author is so funny.  I felt like she was across the table from me drinking coffee and chatting.  Next up...some fiction!

:: hoping for snow.  Or sunshine.  Or both!

:: looking forward to taking the girls to a play next Tuesday.

:: learning to be a patient, more present parent. Again.  Some more.  Seems this is a lesson that I am often reminded of...

:: listening  to a new album I downloaded this morning

:: missing my good friend who is in Anchorage for an extended bit...texting is not the same as talking to her!

 :: planning Dr. Seuss's birthday celebration and the Iditaread program for the girls' school

 :: listing stuff I need to do...always listing!

:: grateful

A favorite quote for today..