Off My Game...

I feel like I am off my game a little bit this week...getting back in the groove of kids at school again.  Cleaning up the messes and piles.  Sorting, finding new homes for things, tossing stuff we don't need.  You get the picture!  I've made pretty good progress, too.  I also have two Christmas presents I am still working on.  Yeah.  I'm a little behind in that department, too!

So the long and short of it is that I don't have any stories of adventure or fun pictures to show you.  It has been raining and warm here for a week straight now.  Very gray and dark out there.  I could take a picture of the pile of garbage bags headed for Salvation Army this weekend...but that hardly seems all that exciting.

Instead of a picture, I will leave you with this quote (or is it just an idea since it's not attributed to anyone and internet searches don't reveal its source either??).  I typed it up, printed it, and hung it in  my kitchen in December while I was baking up a storm.  It's easy for me to start doing something out of love but continue doing it out of duty.  This reminds me to think about where my heart is.


  1. you ever remember hearing *someone* say, "A good deed done with a grumpy heart is not a good deed"? This idea seems to go along the same line!


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