I Made an Afghan

The pictures here are not the best...too dark outside!  I love those nice light pictures on some blogs...people who live much nearer the equator than I do.  Even those lovely, bright interior shorts, with no gargantuan TV or treadmill in the background.  And no bird climbing on their finished works, either.  Oh well.  Real life here, folks! 

I picked this pattern and this yarn at the spur of the moment.  After I started it, I realized you really can't see the chevrons with the variegated yarn.  Oh well...it crocheted up fairly quickly and I had fun so there!  Turns out my wise Grandma Paul was right...an afghan is a perfect thing to crochet in the winter!

Since this is a (little bit late) Christmas gift, it is all boxed up and will soon be on its way...I may have tried it out one night though.  It's nice and warm...hope it keeps you warm too, Kael!!


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    (beautiful afghan, btw!) :)


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