Happy New Year!

We spent our New Year's Eve at home, making a list of things we'd like to do in 2014.  Our 2013 list was good, and we did a lot of the things on it.  We tried to focus on family stuff--trips, fun days, home days--that sort of thing.  Then we stayed up until {gasp} 9:30 when the fireworks started.  Stacy and I played some board games, my favorite NYE tradition from my family...

While Kelsey and Scott watched a movie...Stacy and I halfway watched it, too.  Here they are at almost 9pm.

Then we went to watch the fireworks!  A wonderful show!

The girls made it through the fireworks and then crashed.  Today has been a nice, slow start to 2014.  We're celebrating with friends this evening.  Wishing you all of the very best in 2014!