Twin Day

The week of school before vacation the kids had themed dress-up days at school.  There was 'wear red & green day', 'wear Santa hats day', 'silly socks day', 'holiday shirt/sweater day', and 'twin day'.  Obviously I didn't take picture of them every day or I wouldn't have to write all of this, I'd just show you cute pictures.  It was a busy week!  Twin day was on Friday though, and I did remember to grab my camera--I just gotta say folks, we knocked this one out of the park thanks to my detail oriented kids!  It was important that we all match from head to toe, so we all wore tennis shoes and jeans.  Then we wore our Color Run shirts and over top our school hoodies.  Layers of twin-ness (or triplet-ness, I guess!) there.  They were so excited!!