The Weekend

I love when the kids are on winter break.  It's just like one big long weekend.  We have so much fun and it is just the right length!  On Friday the girls and I went to town with two major goals in mind.  One was for Stacy to pick out a doll with her gift card from Kelsey and the other was to see the current Disney film, Frozen.  We succeeded in both!  Here is Stacy with her 'My Life' doll roughly 43 seconds after we had purchased her and freed her from her packaging which we did in the store about 4 feet from the checkout line!  Someone was excited...

Her name is Katie and Stacy loves her very much.  My favorite part about this whole deal was that apparently Stacy has been wanting such a doll for a bit now, but neither Scott or I realized it.  Kelsey knew though!  Katie went to lunch with us and also got to watch the movie.  Spoiled little doll! Saturday I made Katie a skirt to match the one Kelsey made Stacy for Christmas.  Stacy was quite pleased to be matchies...Katie looks delighted too, huh? 

Just a side note here...yes.  Stacy always dresses like this!  She loves, loves, loves colors and patterns which is why Kelsey and I chose this fabric for her skirt.  Before we had made the skirt Stacy spotted the fabric and was *in love*.  She was so delighted to find out it was for her when she opened the skirt on Christmas morning!

Saturday also found us enjoying these yummy artichokes the girls begged for at the store on Friday...

...and trying our hand at duct tape doll shoes.  And duct tape little girl shoes, too!

Sunday we headed to Girdwood to meet Iditarod musher Nicolas Petit.  We took a lovely lap around Moose Meadows.  Nic had two sleds, one tied as a trailer to the other.  Kelsey got to 'drive' the trailer sled part way.  Happy girl!!  60 days to the start...but who's counting?  Besides Kelsey, I mean! 

After the ride we went with some friends to snowshoe a bit. 

The kids played in this meadow for an hour!

I guess it doesn't look like a meadow here, but it is.  The kids loved going in and out of the trees around the edges.

The views in Girdwood never disappoint!

After snowshoeing we went back to their house and sledded until the kids could barely stand up anymore.  Then I took them to Chair 5 for dinner and home to bed.  Needless to say, they went to sleep quickly!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, too!