After a slow start to winter this year we got our first real dump of snow this weekend...I'd estimate it to be about 24 inches or so.  As is often the case around here, it came with a helping of gusting to 45+ mph winds...light winds for here!  It is a recipe for a busy hubby though...snow and wind = plenty of plow time.  Scott was out twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday.  People still got stuck.  It seems to go this way every year.  The first couple of dumps have people scrambling. By the time this same weather pattern rolls around in March though, people are just going on with their lives. 

This is what it looked like out my window when it finally got light Sunday morning...

The girls had school this Saturday.  It sounds like a punishment, but really it's a celebration!   We kicked it off with fancy hot chocolate.

To make our school calendar work we usually have one Saturday school day in December.  The kids get to wear PJs to school and they do all kinds of fun activities.  They came home smiling, so it must have been OK.  We decorated our tree (still in jammies, of course!) Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning Stacy and I spent some time working on a gift for Kelsey.  It is so much fun to watch them come up with ideas for each other.  Now that they're older they need less help than ever to make things!

After church we braved the wind and went out to lunch.  Kelsey ordered clam chowder which she polished off in no time, along with my fries.  Stacy ordered a burger...

The girl loves burgers!!  That afternoon Scott went out to dig out the car (pictured above) in his new snowsuit he bought a few weeks ago.  He left it lying on the living room floor when he came in and next thing we knew, the girls had climbed into it.  Pretty funny!

That was pretty much our weekend!  Hope you had a great one, too!


  1. Appears it was a good weekend for the Korbe's :-)


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