::right now::

Hello!  A bit late today as I pack and prepare for a few days in town of meetings but right now I am...

:: listening to a city council meeting--I am glad they are televised so that I can save $$ on a sitter and multitask!

:: missing my bible study friends.  I love Wednesday nights with you!  I have an amazing babysitter...I guess her time spent at driver's ed this week and next is good for her future...;-)

:: planning our holiday celebrations

:: excited to shop for Scott's gift with the kids this weekend!

:: listing the groceries I need to buy this weekend

:: thankful for friends that help us refill our tanks

:: grateful for most amazing gift and the reason for this season

:: looking forward to celebrating His birth...truly a special season! 

 This past weekend on our way to the cabin we listened to one of my favorite kiddo books, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  Thank you Anchorage Public Library for your awesome downloadable audio book collection!  If you haven't read (or listened to it) it, you should.  I cried at the end of course.  My kids are used to my tears by now, but I still had to do a bit of explaining and I summed it up something like this, "Lots of people didn't want to include the Herdmans in the pageant, but it turned out to be their best performance ever because they included everyone.  Including people is always the right thing to do."  The girls are asleep or I would find the exact quote, but towards the end of the book the kids are practicing the pageant and Grace Bradley (mother of Beth, the narrator of the story) answers a question from her husband about how practice went and she answers by saying something to the effect of, "Imagine you have never heard the Christmas story and you hear it for the first time.  What do you think?"  Such a good question...really, it is appalling, heart breaking, inspiring, heart warming, and amazing to name a few!