On Saturday we did a bit of supply shopping to make our Christmas crafts and gifts.  Yesterday we wrapped some Christmas gifts.  Right now I am listening to one of my favorite Christmas albums.  I got the Christmas boxes out of the basement this morning. I put the bulk of my Christmas cards in the mail this morning.  I guess Christmas is right around the corner!  We are waiting to put up our tree this year since we now have Peanut, aka The Professional Pest.  He's a great bird and a fun pet, but it is also like having a flying toddler in the house.  Right now we are letting all of these projects in process be our main Christmas decor.  The girls are excited to hang up their stockings, so we are going to do that this evening.  I am trying to slow down and enjoy the season.  Trying to put aside the "shoulds" and focus on the "want tos".  To keep the focus right where I want it...Merry Christmas preparations to you!