Christmas Day

Oh Christmas Day!  Wonderful!  My favorite part hands down was watching the girls open their gifts from each other.  That was where the most excitement lay for them and therefore me.  Following tradition we did our stockings first.  Peanut got to go first!

Here is Stacy watching Kelsey open her gift...

And then her face as she opened Kelsey's gift to her...

That girl cannot hide her feelings at all.  The saying "written all over her face" fits this one perfectly!

Here's a blurry shot of their mutual joy over K's other gift to S...

We got to Skype with all of our Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles and cousins, so it was a great day, indeed!  There are more pictures of our fun over on Fotki if you want to see more of our Christmas Day.


  1. Pictures tell all. Priceless. :-)


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