Outside the Snow is Falling...

...and my kids are calling, "Yoo-hoo!".  Ok, not quite.  It is snowing, but the girls are still at school. This is going to be quick because I promised to take them skating after school today and Scott and I have bible study tonight so I need to get ready so that we can fully enjoy skating. 

Yesterday I finished a little (and very simple!) project that has been brewing for awhile.  The kids painted these canvases months ago and I had planned on decoupaging letters onto them, but could never decide on the right paper.  The other day I took the plunge and just traced letters and painted them. I love how they turned out!  Then I printed a bunch of pictures from our adventures in 2013 and hung them up below.  The kids loved it!  They loved remembering all the fun we've had in the past months. 

If you've ever been to our place, this is on the wall between the girls' bedroom door and ours.  There used to be a giant pocket chart calendar there, but now that they're old enough to use a regular calendar, we retired the big one.  It was so fun to browse through a year's worth of pictures on my computer to choose these.  At the end of December I will throw them all in an album and start again.  I am trying to do one album of pictures a year.  In this digital age, it is still fun to pull out a photo album and hold it in your hand!

Now...off to the rest of my to-do list!