The Weekend

Man oh man! We've had a tough run of weekends around here this past month or so. I have blamed a lot of things as we've gone along and it's probably a little bit of all of them with a few more things I haven't thought about all tossed in together. The bottom line is that the girls are growing and changing and that process isn't always smooth! Weekends have become a whine-fuss-fight-fest of late. Obviously they've had their up moments too, but Saturday nights and Sunday nights Scott and I have been wiped out, reminiscent of the toddler days. Finally things improved this weekend. Life is all about rhythm, and (fingers crossed, hopeful hearts) maybe we are finally finding our weekend rhythm. Saturday we got to play on the school's brand new playground! Ours was damaged two years ago in our record snowfall and construction is just wrapping up on our new play structure and equipment. It was lots of fun to be playing again!

Saturday night we headed over to the Conservation Center for their Halloween Party.   What fun!  They had booths where you could learn about various animals, play a game, do an activity and earn a treat.  Very well organized and fun for everyone!  Here are my two in their costumes...

The party was held in the barn at the Conservation Center which is perfect...except for it's hard to take decent pictures in there.  Especially when it's a bit dark to add to the Halloween ambiance!

Here's one other thing we did this weekend...homemade Cheez-its.  I can't remember where I found the recipe we tried, but they were sure tasty!  Way better than real ones, that's for sure.  Unfortunately the kids didn't like them as much as Scott and I did.  They weren't real I guess we'll just keep trying!  It was fun, nonetheless!


  1. Is that a protective snow cover over your new playground?


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