Shhhhh! It's a Secret!

Well, this first part isn't a secret!  Continuing on the 'Little House on the Prairie' theme, the girls and I made mob caps last night.  Yesterday the depths of the internet taught me that's what those hats that Mary and Laura slept in are called.  I confirmed my plan with this tutorial and we got to work.  It was a quick project, thanks in part to using my serger to make a rolled hem along the edge.  The girls were pleased, particularly Kelsey!


Kelsey was so pleased she actually slept in hers!

Note to self: sleeping 7 year olds are nearly as cute as sleeping babies!

Now...on to the secret part!  Halloween costumes!  These are alternately a secret and not a secret depending on the girl and the day.  Sometimes they're telling, sometimes they're not!  So...shhhh!  Just in case today is a secret day!

First up, Kelsey the eagle.  If you've ever talked to Kelsey for 3 minutes or more then she's probably talked to you about animals.  She is my little Dr. Doolittle, so this eagle idea came as no surprise to me.  I did some internet browsing and came up with this idea and this idea and got to work.  Considering I made it up as I went along, drafting my own patterns I am very pleased with how it turned out!!  So is my little eagle!

Pardon the poorly lit pictures...getting to be that season in Alaska again!

Next up is my mathematician/engineer girl as a robot.  This costume is still evolving and has already been added to since I took these pictures last night.  Stacy is loving the hands-on nature of crafting this getup!

Kelsey loved having hers done for her just as much as Stacy is loving making her own.  "Mom, what if we add..." is a phrase I'm hearing a lot.  So we add on.  The coolest part about Stacy's is the glow in the dark duct tape.  The Halloween celebration at school this year is a skate party, so our costumes have to be good for roller skating and this glow in the dark is going to be so cool!!  We have some dryer vent tubing for her arms, too.  Stay tuned to see the final product.  We are headed to the Halloween party at the Conservation Center this weekend, so we have to have our costumes finished up by then.


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