Inspired by this.

Outside my's pouring down rain

I am thinking...that my drive yesterday was absolutely beautiful!  One of those rare days where the colors are so vibrant, just before it freezes hard and all the leaves drop.

I am thankful...that my honey is home!  Nothing I like more than all of us at home together!

In the kitchen...dinner is already made...*pats self on back*

I am wearing...a brand new plaid flannel shirt...snuggy for a day like today.

I am creating...nothing new at the moment...have some works in progress I need to finish up, though!  And a quilt idea rolling around in my head...

I am shopping this weekend...

I am wondering...what adventures this winter holds in store for us

I am reading...just finished a book, but I don't have another one going yet

I am hoping...for something!

I am looking forward to...dinner with my friend Chelle tomorrow night!

I am manage my time and evaluate things before I commit to them

Around the house...are signs that my kids are growing up!  We just recently passed on our Little Tikes picnic table & our art easel...

I am steps

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...laughter!

A peek into my day...baked potato soup & fresh rolls.  It's what's for dinner!