Take Your Kid(s) to Work Day!

I know there's a day specifically designated for this, but sometimes you've just got to make your own celebrations, so I designated Sunday as our 'take your kid to work day' since it was our last weekend of market and the girls had been *begging* to come with me all season long.  Kelsey has been collecting rocks all summer with the hopes of one day selling them alongside the fudge, coffee, and ice cream that we regularly offer customers.  She brought her rocks along yesterday and made $3 selling them...not too bad!  Stacy learned to run the register...she loved punching the buttons and counting the right change to give to people.  Of course there was also sidewalk chalk, balloon fishing poles with balloon fish from the regular balloon artist, and cheek painting as well.  After all...all work and no play is no fun at all!

Now that market is over for the season, I'll have weekends at home again!  Some days in my PJs, parked in front of my sewing machine, I hope!


  1. Gdma is so happy to have some of your rocks in my hutch. Keep up the good work and make lots of money :-)


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