More Stitching!

Lookie here!  I finished up those other two dresses I told you about last week.  The first one is for Kelsey and I am happy to report that she loves it!  She likes dresses that are long because they are easier to sit modestly in, so I added length to this dress for her.  Pardon the less than wonderful was kinda late at night when I wrapped this one up!  It's a Geranium Dress...quick, easy, and super-cute!

This is another Geranium Dress for Stacy.  It's got a little ruffle on the sleeve that's pretty fun and easy.

If you know Stacy at all, you know this fabric is perfect for her...busy!  This girl loves color and pattern...she's been watching me sew it and is anxiously awaiting its arrival in her closet.  I can hardly wait to see which pair of her crazy tights she pairs it with!

Now I have a huge problem...I've sewed my way right through my pile of fabric that I pile up at Fabric Depot in Portland this summer!  I have two pieces left that I had earmarked for me...ohhhhh...what to make, what to make???