We took Scott to the airport on Saturday...he's off on his annual hunting trip.  As long as we were in town, the girls and I made a day of it! 

saying goodby at the airport...before the tears
We went to Starbucks, visited the main Loussac library, had lunch, did a bit of shopping, and then stopped by the Campbell Park.  Many parks in Anchorage got new equipment this summer, Campbell Park included.  It was due for an upgrade for sure, and the new equipment is super-fun!

When we came home we saw this sight...the official end of summer!

Sunday we visited two of our favorite Whittier hangouts before they closed for the summer.  We had hot drinks and sweet treats at the Lazy Otter Cafe and then burgers for dinner at the Wild Catch Cafe.  Kelsey somehow managed to eat an adult sized hamburger and all of her fries.  I couldn't finish mine!

And today.  Well...this is what it looked like around 9am...

Snow.  Sticking on the ground.  On September 23.  Oh I was not at all impressed!  But this afternoon it was all gone and the sun peeked out, though the wind continued to gust.  Hello, fall!


  1. I was so excited to see the snow but I think I was the only one! ;o)

  2. You deserve every minute of a happy hunting/fishing vacation. Enjoy--:-)


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