Happy Crier

If you've spent much time around me, you know I am a happy crier.  Real quickly here are a few things that have made me cry in recent months...

:: parades
:: old cars
:: the fair
:: thank you notes
:: any time kids perform or have a sporting event

That last one is a doozy!  I cry at almost every school event.  The kids just expect it now!  Graduation, Christmas program, skate night, you name it!  If adults from my community have come together for kids I am going to cry.  Today was no exception!

A new-to-our-community parent volunteered to coach indoor soccer at the school this year.  The girls were soooo excited!  Today was our first game.  We traveled the hour to Cooper Landing where Cooper Landing and Moose Pass had fielded two teams to play our two teams.  Thankfully the weather cooperated since there was a bit of a miscommunication about indoor vs. outdoor soccer.  Never mind that though...the kids had a blast!!  And I was crying before we even got out of the tunnel.   As I led the caravan (not sure why I got to lead other than I was parked in front!) of 6 cars through town I was overwhelmed by the fact that so many people had come together to make this experience possible for our kids.  Like I said the other day...people are just so incredible!  So here are a few pictures of the girls during the game.  For your reference, Kelsey is wearing jersey #8 and Stacy is wearing #1.

pre-game huddle

Stacy gives it a kick!
Kelsey's after that ball!
It was a great afternoon.  Lots of smiles, a bit of learning (turns out that getting kicked is part of the game!), and a lot of running!  I am so glad I got to watch!


  1. glad to see you played soccer. Looks like you had alot of fun. Good job :-)

  2. Your soccer game looked much drier than our Saturday game- I am very jealous! Looks like everyone was having fun!


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