Fun at the Fair!

We spent our Labor Day at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer (read about our past fair visits here and here).  A perfect summer send-off and a fun day with friends while Scott got some much-needed (and well-deserved!) quiet time at home all by himself.

We started our day in the Kids Zone barn, where there were numerous reptiles on display.  The kids were interested in the reptiles for a minute or two, until they spotted these...

Yup.  Two macaws.  And they talked!  The girls would have probably sat here all day and watched these birds, but we did eventually move on to the next big attraction...the petting zoo!

Really there's no point in going to the fair unless you're going to see the giant veggies, either!

Holy gigantic pumpkins!!  And how about this 59.7 pound zucchini?!?!  That's a lot of zucchini bread, folks!

There was also some one point each of the girls was hula-hooping three hoops at a time of different sizes.  Not sure where they got such certainly wasn't from me!

Of course, no one can go to a fair with kiddos and miss the rides!  This year was great because the three monkeys were old enough to go alone together.  The girls picked one 'big kid' ride that Austin didn't go on, but otherwise the three of them rocked the little kid rides alone and loved it!!  We also scoped out some big kid rides for them to try next year...

We got lucky with the weather!  It was cloudy and a bit breezy, but the rain held off until the very end.  We were watching the Kodiak Island Drummers that we enjoyed so much last year when the drops started coming down.  All three kids said they were ready to go, so we loaded up and headed home.  The drive home was wet and windy and somehow the kids all managed to stay awake (!).  Today it is pouring outside, the wind is howling and the heat in our building is off while they repair it.  I feel some baking coming on...mama's chilly!