Cook. Serve. Clean. Repeat.

Oh.  My.  Gosh. 

What a week! 

What a weekend! 

Last week was a busy one...and it seemed 3 times crazier since Scott's still on his hunting trip and I was doing all the running on my own with my entourage of my kids and often other people's kids (he comes home tomorrow...yeah!!).  The biggest part was this huge fundraiser we were running at school.  It was a conference of roughly 110 people and we were cooking for them, 5 meals total.  Our school is small!  At its height it has had no more than 60 kids, 50 is more likely.  Right now we have about 35.  Our school kitchen is not big, by any means.  We have two household ovens and two household fridges.  We are not set up for big crowds!  But we said 'yes' when the conference was 40-50 people.  Then it grew.  Through a chain of unpredicted events I ended up coordinating the whole food endeavor.  Hello comfort zone!  How's the weather over there???  Yeah...I was way out of my comfort zone, depth, area of expertise, and the list goes on.  But when you are committed to something like this you've gotta figure it out.  One step at a time.  I'll spare you all the crazy planning and list making details I went through, fast forward through all of my stress, and skip over the sleepless nights and just say that I am SO GLAD for community that comes together, volunteers and pitches in when the rubber hits the road.  We pulled it off!  We served them all (with their dietary restrictions met) on time and even better, we didn't run out of food.  The girls were troopers through it all, helping where they could and hanging out in unoccupied corners of the school.  Last night I tucked the kids into bed and then collapsed on the couch and took the first deep breath I had taken since last weekend.  Whew!  This week isn't looking nearly as crazy!

Here's the sky yesterday morning...

Pardon those ghost spots...the outside of my windows have not been cleaned since we've lived here and since we're on the 8th floor it's a bit beyond what I am able to handle.

It's hard to look at a sky like that and not smile and feel hopeful!  Have a great week, everyone!