Oh what fun!  The last time we visited Iditaride the girls were 3 and 4.  They had so much fun, but Stacy didn't remember much at all about the whole deal.  Since both girls are Iditarod fanatics, it was the perfect outing for us to revisit.  Stacy chose it as her "birthday thing" so we went down while Scott's folks were here. 

We got a great tour guide, Justin Savidis, who has run several Iditarods.  It was cool to get his perspective on things.  Honestly though, it was almost as much fun to listen to the tourists and their excitement about the whole event.  I think we get a little spoiled living here.  Our house is into the Iditarod big time.  We have learned so much about the whole sport, the race, the mushers and the dogs that we have forgotten how foreign it seems to folks from outside.  Kelsey had a great time teaching other visitors all she knows about mushing...which is a fair amount!

It was a little wet this time, so I didn't get a bunch of great pictures, but kids and puppies...always a winning combination!

Stacy had a great time, so the day was a success!


  1. Going to the Iditare was alot of fun. Seeing the girls sooooooo HAPPY holding a puppy. Girls are very knowledgeable about the whole iditarods.
    Good family picture--good dad & daughter picture. Thanks Korbe's for taking us their. Gdma & Gdpa enjoyed every minute of it along with the girls enjoying. :-0


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