Hiking Portage Pass

heading up in 2011

heading up in 2012

heading up in 2013

Wow.  My hiking buddies have grown up!  Last Friday the weather broke for a bit and we decided to head up the trail on our last day of summer vacay together.  It was a busy day on the trail, but we made it to the top and some nice folks from Anchorage took this picture for us.

Stacy is trying to look through my sunglasses she told me.  She was a *little bit* tired at the top...

Portage is not a very long hike, but it's steep.  It's hard work for little ladies!  The view is always rewarding, though...

Portage Glacier from the top

Passage Canal from the top
I love these views, too...

Hiking is one of those restorative activities for us.  There are always those moments of bliss along the trail where it all seems totally worth it.  Following them (when they're not whining about being hot/tired/thirsty/hungry/bitten by bugs/cold) is that moment for me.  I try to keep it fun...let's be real.  They're little kids.  It's steep.  There's going to be some whining.  But.  I like to think that by gently nudging them on after a little water break that I'm also teaching them a life skill.  We can do hard things.  It's not easy, but doing hard things feels good.  So...we hiked to the top and you know what?  Downhill was easier!  Isn't that how life is?  Ups and downs, hard spots and easier ones.  So hike on, little ladies!  The hard work will be worth it!


  1. finally made it all the way. congratulations. Nice to compare each year. Thanks Andrea :-)


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