Family Fishing Day

What a day!  Scott scheduled this waaaaay back when it was snowy, windy, icy and just generally miserable in Whittier.  The idea of a sunny day on the water seemed so appealing...and so far off!  Fast forward 7 or so months and here we were!  Scott's parents were visiting and they got some great weather and some great fishing...

Stacy, as we head out
Kelsey reels in
Stacy keeps an eye on her pole
this gull followed us as we moved from one fishing spot to another
four sets of hand trying to get this fish into the fish box!
sea lions hauled out on the way home
Kelsey's napping spot on the way back to Whittier
We came back with a fish tote full of fish...80+ pounds of fillets that we cleaned, vacuum packed, and froze that night.  We went with some friends of ours who run a charter business and have two boys, so there was lots of kiddo fun.  The dads commented that they worked harder on this charter than any other trip this season!  We caught lots of fish (cod, flounder, and of course, halibut!) so the kids kept themselves busy reeling in, playing with bait, and hefting fish here and there.  Stacy and I took a mid-day nap.  When we went below-deck there were 6 fish in the box.  When we got up there were 13!  Guess we slept right through the hottest fishing!  It was a great day, all the way around!


  1. Halibut fishing was a super good fishing time for all. Water was smooth--sun shine the whole day--caught alot of fish--weather warm--what more could you ask for. Go again next year :-)


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