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Hello, friends!  I love quotes...the only thing I love more than quotes is illustrated quotes!  Thanks to Pinterest I have a spot to keep them all to browse through at my leisure.

I have another post or two to write and share before I'll feel "caught up", but I needed to take a little break today because it stopped raining for more than an hour.  In fact...it hasn't rained in so long that the streets are almost dry!  We've had an amazing summer here in Alaska for sure, but it started to sprinkle here in Whittier on August 1 and that turned to serious rain on August 3rd and it seriously has not stopped since!  We saw the clouds part once last week, but by the time we got our boots and sweatshirts on and rode the elevator down it was raining again.  Boo.  So today when Stacy said, "Look!  The fog is lifting!" (yes, she really says these things!) we all dashed around and got our boots on, stuffed raincoats into our bike baskets (just in case!) and took off.  We needed to!

We rode to the head of the bay where we watched the salmon, watched the eagles watching us, met some nice tourists, and collected a variety of beach combing treasures...

a *little* bit foggy this morning

the sun...trying so hard!

a great day for boots and beach combing

look at that face!

Kelsey's treasures

Mama's beach coming finds

 And now...back outside!