Crow Creek Mine

While Scott's parents were here we visited the Crow Creek mine in Girdwood.  The kids and I had first visited the mine several summers ago with my dad (see pics of that visit here), but they didn't really remember much about it so I had been planning to return this summer.  You can rent gold pans, shovels, and buckets or you can just sight see.  We chose to sight's such a pretty spot!

As we were getting ready to go there were some people coming in who were planning to pan, so this guy was showing them how to pan for gold.  The girls were fascinated!

We followed up our morning at the mine with a picnic at the Girdwood park and a stop at the Girdwood library.  A great way to spend a day with Grandma & Grandpa!


  1. A neat place to see. The flowers were very well maintained--hanging baskets were beautiful. Girls enjoyed as well as mom-gdma-gdpa. Very interesting to see how they pan for gold.


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