A Weekend at Amber Lake

We had the opportunity to return to the cabin we visited last winter (read about those visits here and here) while Scott's parents were visiting.  This has quickly become one of our favorite retreats!   The cabin is located on Amber Lake and is far enough north and not coastal that it gets a bit warmer than Anchorage.  The weather for our weekend was p.e.r.f.e.c.t.!!

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sunset on Friday night
We arrived at the cabin around 9 on Friday night, unloaded and went to bed.  The next morning we set about exploring a bit.  Scott and I scouted out the fishing on Kroto creek.  Rainbow trout are catch and release fish here, so I had to let this guy go!

That afternoon we took the girls down to the lake so they could swim...so fun!

That evening we tried this Pinterest-inspired dessert, s'mores cones.  Yum!

Sunday morning the girls enjoyed some outdoor art time...

...and then we took them down to Kroto creek.  We caught another trout...

...but the kids couldn't stay out of the water for long!

On Sunday afternoon our friend who owns the cabin flew up in his float plane and took Scott, Chris and I for a ride.  That amazing experience will get its own post soon!

In order to hit the weather just right for maximum Denali viewing, our flighseeing happened late Sunday afternoon.  We returned to the cabin around 6pm, which would have made for a very tight no-stops drive home to make the last tunnel in to Whittier so we opted to just send Scott back to Anchorage with our pilot friend and the rest of us stayed one more night at the cabin.

Monday morning the girls spotted this bunny hopping around.  It's a domestic bunny that is somewhat of a pet, so Kelsey was able to catch it (with the help of some carrot sticks!) and we all got a turn holding it.

After we let the bunny go, we headed back down to the lake for some peddle-boating.  What fun!

Monday afternoon we headed home.  On our way south we took Grandma & Grandpa through Talkeetna and enjoyed some ice cream from Nagley's

We spent some time waiting in construction south of Talkeetna.  Waiting in construction is never fun, but with Denali in your mirror, how bad can it be??

It's not as magnificent as this view I shot as we pulled into Talkeetna, but still...Alaska never disappoints!

It was a great weekend...lots of fun, smiles, laughter and relaxation.  Just the way a weekend away should be!


  1. Thank You for taking us to the Cabin on Amber Lake. What a wonderful time. Girls enjoyed swimming--playing in water--peddle boating--even gdma had fun in doing this along w/mom. Was a wonderful time seeing everyone have a good time.


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