A Glacier Cruise

Glacier cruising is big business here in Whittier, but somehow we had never taken one.  While Scott's folks were visiting however, we remedied that situation!  We hopped aboard the Klondike to take their famous "26 Glaciers in One Day" cruise.  The cruise departs Whittier at 12:30pm and serves lunch.  The folks and I had the standard fish & chips meal, the kiddos had the kid's meal of a hot dog & chips.  Pretty good food and the chips were kettle chips.  I *love* kettle chips!

The cruise features a US Forest Service ranger who gives you a bit of history, geology, geography, biology, etc. along the way.  The ranger on our trip was Kathleen.  She was FANTASTIC!  During the cruise they also run a 'Jr. Ranger' program.  The kids complete some activities along the cruise and then are sworn in as Jr. Rangers at the end of the cruise.  Their first job as rangers is to tour the boat with a sea otter pelt for everyone to feel.  The girls loved it!

Here are some of the sights we saw along the way...

We pulled up nice and close to this gill netting boat and this deckhand showed off their catch...

So many interesting shapes and colors!  The raggedness and jaggedness of the glaciers was so cool to me.  And how about that super-blue spot in Surprise Glacier?  So cool!

It was really a great day...the weather cooperated for great glacier viewing and we ended the evening with a bbq up at Salmon Run with friends.  Glaciers, family, friends, food...who could ask for a better Alaskan day than that?


  1. We had alot of fun on the Glacier Cruise & it was so cool to see the blue in the glacier's--calving--was a very fun day--A very good day :-)


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